The Pilot Plant systems as an Important Intermediate Step in Process Scale-Up

Pressure Rectification Plant
Despite all the powerful tools for chemical process simulation, pilot plants are still an important intermediate step. Only in pilot plants it is possible to evaluate the numerous relationships between the different overlaying processes.

Valuable experience can be generated by pilot plants and expensive mistakes can be avoided.

For the improvement of existing plants pilot plant systems can be used as well. A complete automation with a robust industrial standard system makes our pilot plant systems reliable.

If needed, our plants are built for permanent operation 24h/day.

The manufacturer AP-Miniplant applies the same principles of scientific design and integrity to all of its pilot plant designs. Whether your plant is to be large or small, continuous or batch, each plant is designed individually in order to meet your needs. High temperature, high pressure or special material are not unusual for us..

Our pilot plants are sold all over the world and have proven their robustness even under hard circumstances.

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