For Automatic Catalyst Testing in a Fixed-Bed-Reactor
Micro-Reactor-System MRScompact - Catalyst Test

  • Plant for catalyst tests, test of process conditions and life cycle tests
  • For heterogeneous gas phase catalysis§ Modular setup for best adjustment to the task
  • 3 gas feeds (expandable with more gas feeds)
  • 1 Evaporator for water or hydrocarbons (2 evaporators possible)
  • Tubular reactor of high temperatures and pressures with a catalyst space Ø9 x 100 mm (other sizes possible)
  • High temperature furnace up to 1000 °C with 2 compensation zones and 1 isothermal reaction zone
  • High temperature stainless steel 1.4841, Incolloy, Quartz glass or other material for the reactor
  • Working pressure 50 bar, design pressure 64 bar
  • Design temperature of high temperature stainless steel 1.4871 reactor 750 °C at 64 bar
  • Very compact design, suitable for laboratory fume cupboards, W x D x H = 1400 x 500 x 980 mm
  • Using standard components wherever possible simplifying changes easy and the spare part supply
  • Circulating hot air oven, usable up to 200 °C, to prevent condensation
  • Condenser for steam
  • Gas-liquid separation
  • Sampling point, liquid
  • Heated vent line or analysis line
  • Possibility to connect GC-analysis
  • Reliable industrial Siemens control system
  • Completely automated with data acquisition and recipe control
  • Suitable for unsupervised permanent operation thanks to integrated safety technology
  • Unsupervised step-based operation
  • Maximum flexibility in recipe definition


  • Reactor diameter and length customized
  • Moving bed reactor systems
  • Multiple reactor systems
  • SCR-Diesel-catalyst-Testsystem
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