Stirred Autoclave for the Chemical Process Development

Stirred autoclave, 120 l with 2 stirrers
A large variety of different stirred autoclave reactors have been realized by AP-Miniplant. Based upon standard sizes, each laboratory reactor will be adapted individually to the requirements of the process. Our stirred autoclave reactors are often used in multi purpose units, but can also be specifically adapted to a single task. They are used in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Reactor volumes from 100 ml up to 100 l can be realized. High pressures and extreme temperatures are our every day business. For scale-up experiments the stirred autoclave reactor can be designed with a geometric similarity to a production reactor.

As materials we use stainless steel, glass, Hastelloy™, PTFE and glass lined steel for our reactors. Other materials are possible upon request. For heating we usually recommend jacketed reactors with oil heating. In some cases an electrically heated vessel can also be an option.

As a system integrator we can offer a wide variety of accessories. Stirrers, stirrer sealings, gas inlet tubes, baffles, solid dosing and measurement technique can be combined individually for your stirred autoclave. AP-Miniplant is a manufacturer of complex automated stirred autoclave units. Our wide experience allows the integration of measurement and control tasks with process engineering and we can offer our competence to optimise a stirred autoclave reactor especially with respect to the important measurement tasks.

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