Small Scale Plants for Experimental Research and Training

Small scale plant, 2 l, 25 bar, 350 °C

Our small scale plants are suitable tools for research and training in the fields of chemistry, pharmacy or food processing.

With low operating costs small amounts of product can be produced under realistic operating conditions. The impact of changes in composition, process conditions or catalyst type can be evaluated.

If a control system is provided, small sample product amounts can be produced with low risk in due time with our small scale plants.

AP-Miniplant builds small scale plants for numerous process steps, including: stirred reactors, fixed bed reactors, ad- and absorption systems, distillation plants and several other unit operations.

All small scale plants are individually planned and built according to the requirements of our customers.

TThe manufacturer AP-Miniplant can build you anything from the simple, manually operated plant, up to complex, completely automated small scale plants. You are limited only by your imagination.

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