Laboratory Distillation Plants for Batch and Continuous Operation.

AP-Miniplant is a producer of customised laboratory distillation plants for industry, universities and research institutes.
Laboratory distillation plants are custom designed according to your particular fluid requirements and process conditions. Designs can be produced that utilize either glass, PTFE, PVDF or even stainless steel for operation under either vacuum or pressure conditions.

Mini plants for laboratory distillation can help you in the following ways:
  • Experimental design of production columns
  • Testing of new processes for separation of products and solvents
  • Training of operators or students
Allow AP-Miniplant to custom design and build your laboratory distillation plant by adapting the evaporator power, column height and packing material to your specific requirements.

We can equip your laboratory distillation plant with the necessary auxiliary equipment:
  • Heated feed and reflux
  • Automated reflux divider
  • Phase separator
  • Vacuum system
  • And, much, much more
AP-Miniplant can custom build your laboratory distillation system to accommodate anything from a simple batch distillation, up to a continuous around the clock operated rectification plant.You provide the requirements; AP-Miniplant will provide the results!

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